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People in Cyprus reduce energy to beat exorbitant electricity bills

Following the recent explosion of Cyprus' main power plant last July, citizens and businesses have been paying the price for their government's negligence (in addition to rising oil rates and 17% VAT charges) through their electricity bills.

Cyprus wakes up to daily power cuts!

Cyprus may finally be waking up to global climate change as it experiences its own energy crisis, following the tragic munitions explosion at a military base last week that killed 13, wounded many more, their homes, and the island's major power plant!

Little Gems' school mark 101010 with week long energy saving theme!

Little Gems Montessori School in Lefkosia(Cyprus) contributed during the week running up to 10:10:10 with a special energy saving theme.

The nursery school kids learned and practised how to conserve water whilst washing their hands and to switch lights off where not needed...

Trash to Fashion: Re-Cycled Fashion Show in Cyprus village of Lefkara ...

KidCulture Family Expo: A 1010 Festival for Cyprus

Last weekend over 400 families gathered in a park in Lefkosia, for the 'KidCulture Family Expo', the first festival of its kind for Cyprus.
Despite the scorching heat the turn out was good and the event a great success for all involved.

The festival targeted expectant and new parents as well as educators and health professionals, and aimed to encourage environmental awareness in exhibitors and visitors alike. An innovative and eco conscious show, rare for Cyprus, that incorporated carbon cutting ideas in its organisation including recycling and water saving.

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