10:10 inspires and supports people and organisations to cut their carbon emissions by 10% in a year.

Any individual, family, business or organisation can make the cuts - and by working together we can make a real difference.


An ambitious project to unite every sector of society behind one simple idea: cutting our carbon by 10% a year starting now...

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10:10 was initially launched as a UK project on 1 September 2009, but on that very first day we received an email from Malaysia: "Hi! I'd love to start 10:10 here. What do I do?".

Over 100 enquiries followed in the next few months, until we finally admitted we had to go global.

10:10 is now active in dozens of countries around the world; check out the full list here.

Find out how it all began, or read on for some highlights of the 10:10 Global journey so far....


10:10 France launched in June 2010, with UN goodwill ambassador Yann Arthus-Bertrand at the helm (best known for his cult series of aerial photography books, ‘Earth from Above’). He and his formidable team at Good Planet have already gathered sign ups from the likes of L'Oreal, Accor, the French Tennis Federation, Football Club Saint-Etienne, the Minister of Education, and mayors of Lille, Paris, Le Mans, and Mouans-Sartoux. Partnerships with France’s biggest broadcaster and newspaper have seen to it that the campaign has been featured on TV shows "Mots Croisés" and Le Grand Journal and on French national radio.

10:10 Netherlands launched with a bang in April 2010 on Dutch National Radio show "Early Birds" and have already welcomed onto the carbon-butting band-wagon MTV-Netherlands, Microsoft, the Dutch driving association ANWB (with 3.5 million members), state broadcaster VARA, a gaggle of politicans, ethical bank ASN, Friends of the Earth, head of the UNFCC Yvo de Boer, leading newspaper Trouw, the cities of Nijmegen and Breda …to mention just a few. Check out their front page coverage in de Volkskrant!

10:10 Norway, meanwhile, was well ahead of the game, kicking off back in October 2009, and inspiring commitments to slash emissions from some of the biggest trade unions (with 420,000 members), energy suppliers Fjordkraft, coffee giants Friele, and the entire city of Oslo, not to mention some great TV coverage featuring a Norweigan family sign-up.

In June 2010 the unstoppable Sandra Antonovic of Nektarina announced that she would be coordinating the launch of 24 new country hubs across the Balkan and Adriatic, Mediterranean and Central and Eastern Europe regions. Yes, it sounded ambitious to us too. But already Sandra's small team have proved they can punch well above their weight.

In Serbia, some of the most influential cultural insitutions have committed to cutting their 10%, including Serbia’s biggest library, the Belgrade City Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Ethnographic Museum, two book publishers and the Yugoslav Drama Theatre.

10:10 Balkan & Adriatic also welcomed Serbia’s Social Democratic Union on board as its first political party sing-up, along with two important NGOs The Center for Peace and Democracy Development and Our Children.

The profile of the 10:10 campaigns in the Balkan & Adriatic Region are receiving a boost with online sponsorship from the internet portals eZadar and SEEcult.org (for South-East European culture), and a partnership with MTV Adria, who are walking the talk by cutting their own emissions too. Bosnia Herzegovina’s launch helped to get the word out by bagging prime time TV coverage.

10:10 Croatia scored a sign-up goal with football club Dinamo Zagreb, while well known Zagreb-born actor Rade Serbedzija and the One Take Film Festival gave the campaign a touch of glamour. Meanwhile authorities in the cities of Sibenik & Pula, the town of Krapina, and the county of Zadar have shown leadership by committing to cut 10% of emissions from their municipal buildings and services.

10:10 Portugal featured unexpectedly on the front page of the Metro paper which goes to 130,000 people and in Correio da Manhã (120,000 circulation). They also struck up an exciting partnership with partnership with eco transport campaign group "Menos Um Carro".

Meanwhile 10:10 Germany got a kickstart with a packed out premiere of the Age of Stupid in Berlin. Outside the cinema the renowned artist Hermann Josef Hack created an art installation - a climate refugee camp - which guests had to walk through to get in to the cinema. Shortly afterwards, they bagged this great coverage in "Der Freitag".


By uniting under one umbrella our actions have stopped feeling like a drop in the ocean… and are becoming visible enough to shake our leaders into action:

Just days after forming a new coalition government UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the entire government estate will be doing 10:10.

This is the icing on the cake for 10:10 UK, which is has signed up more than 80,000 people (including Nick Stern, Sienna Miller, and Stella McCartney), over 3,000 businesses (including Microsoft, Adidas & Pret A Manger), over 3,000 schools, universities and other organisations (including the Science Museum, the Women’s Institute, and Oxford University), and 40% of the UK's local councils (providing services to 24 million people).

Royal Mail surprised everyone by post-marking millions of letters across the country with our very own 10:10 logo. And 10:10 UK’s innovative Lighter Later campaign to change the clocks for lighter, lower-carbon evenings is going from strength to strength. Visit lighterlater.org for all the facts and latest news.


Together we’re proving that getting carbon under control can be easy, affordable and maybe even (whisper it) fun…

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