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wakes up to daily power cuts!

Energy crisis following explosion raises environmental consciousness in Cyprus

Cyprus may finally be waking up to global climate change as it experiences its own energy crisis, following the tragic munitions explosion at a military base last week that killed 13, wounded many more, their homes, and the island's major power plant!

Explosion destroys Cyprus' primary power plant at Mari

Thousands of people have since demonstrated in the streets, protesting against a government which is rarely challenged. Meanwhile the president is being urged to resign, with many internet polls being launched against the government.

Thousands of Cypriots gather outside the presidential palace in Nicosia,Cyprus on 15 July 2011 during a protest demanding the resignation of President Demetris Christofias over a deadly munitions blast at a naval base (EPA)

On a positive note we have seen people and society coming together to cope with the ensuing damage, in mourning, and to deal of course with the daily rolling power cuts, which is affecting most of the island at least twice daily.

Organisations 'doing their bit'...

Meanwhile some organisations have been making statements to show they are 'doing their bit'... While this is a great example of how society fights together during hard times, let's hope these recent efforts by institutions and the public, to save energy due to the power cuts - though out of immediate necessity - are more than just a temporary solution.

Hopefully some good will come out of this disaster and the materialising environmental consciousness will help kick start a serious change of lifestyle that is needed to make a difference for our uncertain future - not only for today...

(The munitions were confiscated from a ship sailing from Iran to Syria in 2009 for violating U.N. sanctions. They were stored in high temperatures in an open field next to south Cyprus' primary power station which usually supplies the island with more than half its electricity).