About Anatomical E-Juice

As most of you know, I went to school for my Doctor of Naturopathy, and studied Herbology, as well! I am a certified raw food chef, a vegan for 6 years and I am a certified Health Minister/Coach! Recently, I have created a E-Juice line! My line is called: Anatomical E-Juice! It is a proprietary, hand-crafted blend that has NO tobacco! Because of what I believe in, I have decided to create this line, which is all PLANT-BASED , includes NO added chemicals and contains possible medicinal properties of the plants! I have seen what added chemicals are being used in these e-juice and e-liquids out on the market and it scares me!  If your interested in taking your health to the next level , please contact me at: [email protected] or send them here to https://www.AnatomicalEjuice.com ! I look forward to helping you achieve better health in 2015!

Contact me if you have any further questions about how to be a vendor for my signature line!

Brandi Paige