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Hello, dearest 10:10ers!

Long time no see...:) But we were not sitting idle - we have so many new things to share with you in the upcoming weeks!


Summer is definitely here! Even with an occasional storm or two, the weather is lovely, and everything seems brighter :)

Global news round up

This week the girls of Bishop Challoner get to grips with saving energy in their school, we kick off the 10:10 festival season and get ready for the summer by learning all about low-carbon BBQing.

  • Check out this great video made by our friends at Otesha who facilitated an energy saving project at Bishop Challoner Girls' School. A classroom full of future campaign strategists explore both what they can do to reduce energy in their school and how to get other kids interested. 


End of semestre , end of second quarter, end of school year - doesn't matter if you are a student or if you are sitting in a cubicle somewhere, this is on your mind, for sure :)

Global news round up

This week, some 10:10ers around the world were all about low carbon food and cycling,  while others have been busy prepping for World Environment Day or treading the boards as Shakespeare's Hamlet.